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What to do in Cracow?

What to do in Krakow?

Are you planning an exciting trip with your friends? Are you stuck because of doubts regarding the location of your travel? Fortunately, you don’t need to worry. Krakow sets the perfect example of a dream localisation as it belongs to the best stag or bachelorette do locations and the most attractive party destinations Europe has to offer. There are plenty of activities to do in Krakow regardless of the fact if you are keen on casual clubbing or you just want to admire the legendary historical places. Why you should spend a weekend in Krakow? We’re already answering!

How to get to Krakow?

Krakow is located in the southern part of Poland. In a very short distance from Krakow, there are two large international airports – Balice and Pyrzowice. Sounds good, right? After an hour of flight, you are already there! You can get from the airport to the city centre by train, bus or taxi. Okay, what’s next? Let’s start with the more “polite” attractions that Krakow offers to tourists.

What to see in Krakow?

There are many places in Krakow that surprise you during your stay. Where to go in Krakow?

  1. The Sukiennice

The Sukiennice is commonly referred to as the oldest shopping centre in the world. Forget about wandering in the contemporary malls that are staffed with gimmick electronic gadgets that have no influence on the quality of your life. Instead of that, delve into the fascinating world of enchanting stalls full of handmade original souvenirs that give you an insight into the mind of the creator. It’s a very good place to buy souvenirs.

  1. Wawel Hill and Wawel Dragon

When this thing of agenda is over, it’s worth visiting also the “darker places” of Krakow.
Are you eager to familiarise yourself with gallant tales about knights, princesses, and their primeval enemies — dragons? If so, then you should visit The Dragon’s Den. It is located in the foot of the Wawel Hill, where the cave of the Wawel Dragon is believed to have been. The dragon blows fire and is really scary! Okay, we’re overreacting a little bit. The dragon is one of the symbols of Krakow. It’s worth giving him a five while walking along the river.

  1. Auschwitz — a history seen from different perspectives

If before you go to Poland you will be looking for any data about our history, you will definitely find the information about Auschwitz. Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau are the names of former German Nazi concentration camps which went down in a history as places of martyrdom and remembrance of war crimes committed by Germans during the Second World War.

A visit to this museum raises many emotions. It’s hard to even imagine what happened there during the war. If you are not sure if you want to visit this place, before you go, see how it looks online. You can choose between national exhibitions and permanent exhibitions. You will get there by public transport – buses or by the minibuses, belonging to a private provider.

  1. Wieliczka – salt mine

Another great place to visit is Wieliczka – the UNESCO World Heritage you can’t miss! Let yourself be charmed by wonderful sculptures made of salt and long underground labyrinths. During the trip, you are accompanied by a professional guide who tells stories about the hard work of miners and their brilliant ways of grappling with the merciless forces of nature.

Do you know that salt has therapeutic power? Don’t forget to take a few deep breaths while visiting! Remember also that sometimes it’s difficult to get a ticket! Book your time to visit the salt mine a few days earlier.

  1. Kazimierz – the old one in new version

Kazimierz is a very old district of Krakow – it was founded in 1335 by King Kazimierz the Great. A long time ago, right? This part of Krakow wasn’t very often visited until recently. Synagogues, churches – these are the basic buildings with which Kazimierz was associated so far.

Today, this place lives anew. Every evening, many people come here to talk, meet friends, have a drink and eat the best casseroles in the world! You can’t miss this place while in Krakow!

It’s probably enough attractions in Krakow for one day? What do you think? Now is the time for planning the evening activities in Krakow!

Nightlife in Krakow at its finest

There are a lot of brilliant clubs in Krakow. We can even say that the nightlife is thriving! The picturesque venues entice its guests with its unique atmosphere as well as with affordable prices that are competitive with other major European cities.

Delicious food, well-stocked bars, dance music – what more could you want to do in Krakow? To put it briefly, there are many clubs that are literally ideal for organising a stag party or bachelorette party. Taking the above-mentioned factors into consideration, it stands to reason that there are a lot of foreigners who spend stag weekends and bachelorette parties in Krakow, including the Brits.

In Krakow, you’ll find a really fantastic selection of pubs and bars, which will serve you the finest beer (named in Poland “piwo”) for around 10 zlotys (that’s about a two pounds or one and a half euros). Just go through the main square, and you will surely find a perfect pub or club for you to spend the evening!

What about stag parties and bachelorette parties?

Krakow stag and bachelorette do ideas seems to be really cool! Paintball outdoor, quad biking, 4×4 off-road, stripteases, night tram party, daily spa or maybe roof bars? No stag or bachelorette night is complete without crazy events!

In fact, in Krakow, you will find a lot of activities that will make your bachelorette party or even a stag party pleasant to remember for many years. We also recommend a more “loud” activities in Krakow! Maybe you will visit the shooting range?

Shooting range — your dream can come true!
The compilation of stag or bachelorette does ideas wouldn’t be comprehensive if one would overlook the shooting range. In UK shooting is prohibited that’s why Krakow is the city where you can have a really great shooting experience!

One of the most prestigious organisations of that kind is Cracow Shooting Academy which offers a broad selection of activities. Stag do shooting is without any doubt a fresh idea of spending your spare time. This out-of-the-box solution sends you into the convulsion of pure joy that you derive by participating in the exciting shooting competition. Plus, you have plenty of options.

You can pick your favourite weapon – shotgun, revolver, Uzi, Winchester or Kalashnikov and many others. The men’s competition at the shooting range will make you feel like you are on a real battlefield! It provides the unique opportunity to feel the genuine team spirit when you play with your friends. We guarantee a sudden adrenaline surge!

Trips to the shooting range are also very often chosen entertainment during bachelorette parties. Common time with friends will be really hot! Don’t be afraid – the weapon is selected for your possibilities. At the Cracow Shooting Academy, there are many experienced specialists who will watch over the safety of your games.

If you decide to go to the shooting range during your bachelorette or stag party, remember that Cracow Shooting Academy will provide you with transport – buses, taxis, and even a limousine. Sounds interesting, right?

In UK shooting is prohibited so come to Krakow, to try this amaizing sport!

You can shoot all the times!

Are you ready for a weekend in Krakow?

Choose Krakow – it’s the perfect place for a trip with your friends, for a stag party or bachelorette party. This town guarantees amazing emotions as if you were a hero of the film “Kac Vegas in Bangkok”. What is the most important — do highlight visiting the shooting-range in your schedule. This male entertainment tightens the bods and is the source of incredible fun. What is the most important and best things to do in  Krakow – visit the shooting range! This entertainment is a real hit! No bachelorette party or stag party in Krakow can take place without shooting! Hope to see you soon!

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